Started Dogs

On occasion I will have an older pup or a young dog that I wish to sell to free up space in my kennel. These are dogs that were my “pick of the litter”, who have been part of my pack and experienced trips to the woods and fields with the gang. They have had obedience training as well as retriever training. They may have had some hunting experience. For one reason or another they didn’t make the cut to become a future breeding animal in my program. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with them. It’s just that I have high standards and I am very selective for some traits I require for my breeding females.

Several recipients of my started dogs have had high praise for Orion’s Started Dogs. A new owner of a young Orion Started Dog had had some behavioral issues with a previous dog they owned. He told me that one evening shortly after they had acquired Rob Roy he and his wife were watching their young daughters playing happily on the floor with Robbie. He said he turned to his wife and asked her, “Do you believe that is our dog?!?” Another happy owner of an Orion Started Dog told me, “We’ll take your ‘rejects’ anytime!” If you aren’t ready to spend the time and energy to train a puppy maybe an Orion Started Dog is what you need!

The price for my started dogs depends on their age and level of training. If you are interested in a started dog that is currently advertised as being for sale please contact me so that we can arrange for you to come to meet the dog. I will not sell started dogs to people I have not met in person and approved for the placement. These are dogs that have been a member of my canine family for several months and maybe even for a couple of years. I want to insure that they will be going to a home where they will receive the best care and treatment.

Peg: Two Year Old Black Labrador Female for Sale